Amber Wright is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology in the College of Natural Sciences. With a focus on ecology, she is committed to building quantitative literacy and fostering student engagement by creating relevance to real-world situations and to life in the Hawaiian Islands. She transformed her undergraduate teaching, increased student engagement, decreased the density of lecture material by emphasizing key skills and concepts, and connected material to student interests. A colleague observes, “Under Dr. Wright’s lead, a cross-listed undergraduate course incorporating both animal and plant ecology concepts has increased from 20 to over 100 students per semester. Reflecting current thinking on organizing biology conceptually rather than taxonomically, Wright reached out to other departments to merge courses, reducing redundancy and increasing course availability. For graduate students, she focuses on the role of theory and models, hands-on computer programming, discussing primary literature and collaborating in small group discussions. A graduate student writes, “I cannot overstate how much I have taken away from this course, it was incredibly eye-opening and empowering.”